Get Your Diversity Game On-Strategies That Work

When I came to the City of Bellevue (Washington state) in 1994, I was hired as the city's first Diversity Coordinator. Later, I found out I was hired because of my communications and public relations background. That made sense because my mission was to sell the city on the idea that Bellevue could benefit from its rapidly increasing diversity.

Twenty years later, I left the job and am happy to see the program continues to flourish and is in good hands. Here is a radio interview I did with KUOW-FM in 2015, shortly after I left for the warmth, sandy beaches and sunshine of Oahu. I hope this 8-minute interview is helpful to organizations and others who are ready to engage and embrace the diversity. After all, we are more similar than we are different.

You will have to cut and paste the link below. Enjoy.

Comments, as always, are always welcomed!

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