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Picture of Kevin P. Henry with a soft smile and kind eyes. Left side of picture has words that read, "building bridges to engagement."

building bridges to engagement

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Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

I devote the required time and energy to assist my clients in reaching their goals. My work reflects my passion, clarity and effectiveness. I am committed to building a

bridge to understanding and appreciation of DEI.

Getting the Most out of Your Team

I work with clients to create cohesive, vibrant, and effective teams that fulfill their potential and operate at an optimum level.

Building Bridges to  Understanding

I bring my experience and creativity to help clients build relationships and cultivate an understanding of DEI issues.

Strategic Planning

I enjoy creating a clear and logical plan that enables clients to fulfill their mission and construct an organizational foundation that allows for sustainability.

Community Engagement

 I show clients how to connect with diverse populations and establish meaningful and productive partnerships and relationships.


I use my skills to act as a host and also to facilitate panels, discussions, public forums and meetings.

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Kevin P. Henry

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